Thank you Trump

Bear with me…

Today I went to my first ever march. I do not want to say protest or demonstration because there maybe some arrogant association with violence and political angst. Therefor, whilst this march was shadowed by politics, it was for me, less a political march – more an uprising, a call to duty from the power of the sisters – the Queens. 

The Woman’s March to me, was a symbol of power and unity, which I am utterly pleased and proud to have been part of and for this reason:

I thank you Trump

As said, I have never marched before, perhaps I have never felt complelled or passionate enough before but for the Woman’s March I did. I feel ‘called’ to partake. An ancestral tug? A spiritual beckoning? Who knows.. what I do know is that it would not have happened and I would not have experienced it, if it was not for Trump. 

I marched, not as a Trump hater (I had no vote in that election and I do not wish to judge those who did), but as a female. As a mother, daughter, sister, lover and human being. 

I am 50% of the population. 

I am white.

I am heterosexual.

I live in Western Society.

I am grateful for every right, law and policy and every freedom I have. I marched for equality and more importantly, I marched for the inequalities against race, religion, sexuality and gender.  I marched because I do not agree in misjustice and discrimination.

I have an inkling this will not be the one and only time I respond to the call. I have rested my tired legs and hung my placard for another time. Nevertheless, I feel the resistance growing and I look forward to the next rising.

And as for Mr Trump, I do not approve of you and that is my prerogative. However, I thank you for helping me find my strength in standing up, for answering the call and finding the movement.

 I remain optimistic that you will surprise us all?

If not, we will continue marching and..


Author: Jemima Mair

A little space where I write my thoughts to help clear my mind and channel my thoughts. An independent lady and solo parent, balancing everything life can throw at me with all my child's additional needs. I have become more aware of my sisterhood needs and the strength which evolves from inviting sisters into my life. I am starting this year as I mean to go forward.. strong, brave and growing.. share my journey, thoughts and feelings.

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