Reward Chart.. hit or miss?

So this week we started a new reward chart, or as I like to call it ‘Behaviour Motivation’ system in our house. We are on day two and …. it’s been a success!! So far anyway.

My son is eleven years old. Too old for a reward system some critics may say, I say no. Geez, I would like one for me and I’m in my thirties! Who doesn’t want to be rewarded prizes for doing the everyday necessities?!?

Over the years we have adapted and implemented various systems. We had a ball jar where he received balls for various things and balls meant prizes.. Now professionals will tell you how rewards should be meaningful, for example spending quality time together but in our home it is just the two of us and we spend a lot of quality time together: so that didn’t work!! 

We’ve done the stickers, the magnets, the stars and the tick box. All of which have an effect ‘sell-by-date’, meaning you have to modify and adapt ALOT.

The best one we applied (and he still mentions now) was the coin exchange. He got laminated paper coins for tasks which could be exchanged for the lucky dip. This meant I had a huge black bin bag full of dusty shredded paper I had to keep filled with prizes. Every time he got a prize I would need to hoover and he got picky and disappointed with the prizes. Apparently, Arts & Crafts was a big NO NO. 

So here we are with our new chart and it’s working a treat. He’s already claimed a £5 iTunes credit and has been eager to complete. Whilst a little simple, I will change the tasks over the weeks (if I stay motivated 😳) to step up the challenge and hope it doesn’t end in tears.

In the meantime I am inspired to make my own. Which might simply be a wine exchange, although nights off and holiday credits would be much more effective! 

Author: Jemima Mair

A little space where I write my thoughts to help clear my mind and channel my thoughts. An independent lady and solo parent, balancing everything life can throw at me with all my child's additional needs. I have become more aware of my sisterhood needs and the strength which evolves from inviting sisters into my life. I am starting this year as I mean to go forward.. strong, brave and growing.. share my journey, thoughts and feelings.

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  1. Don’t put yourself down, you’re a great writer! I’m looking forward to more. Bravo, girl. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. You’re inspiring ❤

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