This time next Easter….!

Well they say you need to think big to be big, or at least visualise your dreams if you want them to happen. So this Easter, this is exactly what I am doing.

As a stay at home mum plugging away on a business venture and running the home as a solo mummy, Bank Holidays feel like normal days to me (unfortunately). Therefore this Good Friday has primarily been a cleaning day,  potting day and then an updating the website day. It does feel productive but I browse my social media and see other peoples posts, day trips and family outings, a complete unparalleled life to my own.

Nevertheless, my life is my own and I will own it. The Queen Shack is coming together day by day and the updated website is a testimony to this. It feels like the vision is becoming clearer and realism is exciting!!

So my Easter Sunday will be spent with my family, this year and next. However, this Good Friday I may be cleaning and planning but next Good Friday (2018) the facility will be open and I will be working with a fab team, caring for children and providing a nice space for coffee for families.

Think big my dears, think big.

with love QTS x


Author: Jemima Mair

A little space where I write my thoughts to help clear my mind and channel my thoughts. An independent lady and solo parent, balancing everything life can throw at me with all my child's additional needs. I have become more aware of my sisterhood needs and the strength which evolves from inviting sisters into my life. I am starting this year as I mean to go forward.. strong, brave and growing.. share my journey, thoughts and feelings.

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