Overcoming ‘fear’ in Business Dreams

I have battled anxiety, depression and low self-esteem; a collection of demons which dramatically affect my ability to ‘put myself out there’. Therefore, starting this venture and brining my idea to the public can be a huge challenge for me!

I do have good and bad days. I do also, have terrible days when I want to delete my presence from every public/social platform. How then can I aspire to spread my dream and passion into the community? Well let me tell you… one step at a time.

Pause Some days when I panic and the fear overpowers me. So I stop and wait till the next day (or the next!) because I know my mood and outlook may be different.

Advice I will send my post to a friend, or make a phone call to discuss my idea/advice. Whether it is a friend, family member or mentor, receiving a different perspective can gives me confidence in what I do.

Motivation My motivation board sits by my desk and the visual representation helps to clear my mind. Is what I am trying to do today represent my vision?

Principles When I am a low ebb I remind myself why my vision was important in the first place, how did it develop and the passion for its success.

Knowledge The Queen Shack combines all my education, knowledge and experience. Even so, I have so much left to learn and know (a continutal learning experience!). So I read. Whether it is a fiction book, business or self-help book, reading helps my head absorb and settle. Now, I cannot confirmwhat I read is digested and contained (!) but, the process calms my thoughts. Go on, try it.

Practice Now this has been more evident recently when I had to give my first funding pitch: I loved it! It was so good to say my vison and mission outloud. Having to explain what I want to achieve clarified my thoughts and the positive feedback was amazing!! So try pitching or explaining your idea to people you trust,  If they like what you want to do, you will feel great!

Ok, the list above is not exhaustive but it has helped me and now written down, it may help someone else (my motivation!) and my demons are okay, you know why? Because I am NOT ALONE.

Support and help doesn’t work independently.

with love TQS x

Author: Jemima Mair

A little space where I write my thoughts to help clear my mind and channel my thoughts. An independent lady and solo parent, balancing everything life can throw at me with all my child's additional needs. I have become more aware of my sisterhood needs and the strength which evolves from inviting sisters into my life. I am starting this year as I mean to go forward.. strong, brave and growing.. share my journey, thoughts and feelings.

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