From a Seed to a Mission

Well we are 6 months in to the planning and our vision has grown and developed tremendously. In January, our idea was a seed. A general recognition of the stresses on mums; the daily pressures to have it all. Oh, how our idea to help and support has become our vision and we are on target to be providing support and networks for families soon.

Over the past 6 months, talking with families, social enterprises and professionals has confirmed the need to provide sustainable support and networks for families, specifically with the closure of Little Oaks Children Centre in Romsey and neighbouring areas. Parenting can be beautiful, rewarding and fulfilling but on the opposite spectrum, it can also be isolating, depressing and exhausting and where do you go for mutual respect, support and (most importantly) no judging?!

The Queen Shack will provide a base for you to meet your friends, a space for you to get a rest with a cup of tea whilst we look after your children. To read your book and recharge your batteries in a supporting environment or grab a coffee with us and discuss your woes. We will provide no judgement listening, a friendly ear and support and even direct you to resources and provisions if needed.

Remember, we are growing from a visual need into reality and we would love you to share our journey with us.

Join our online community The Queen Hub on Facebook   where we share local activities, motivational posts and provide a safe environment for support and advice.


Author: thequeenshack

A Social Enterprise Facility in the heart of Hampshire. Combining childcare, support, network and community all under one roof.

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