A Social Enterprise: The Queen Hub


We envisage a worldwide parenting community empowering all parents and families.


  • We will build an online, local community combining services, support and networks available for all.
  • All parents should be able to access a supportive network and community and we will provide a community hub of friendship, support and care.
  • We will collaborate with local children’s services, suppliers and businesses by providing space for local businesses to run classes, services to promote activities and to only use local suppliers.


Please complete our Survey to provide evidence of need.


These are a result of my inputs into the enterprise, direct products do not tell a whole story.

Output Indicator of Achievement Method of Data Collection When/Who
How many people are accessing the Queen Hub? How many group activities have been offered? Statistics


Room Bookings
Impact of Social Media as an outreach tool. How many followers? Quantitative Data Statistics from sites
How many people are using the shack? Profits from Café and Crèche.

Number of registered users.



Data from system

Is the shack providing support and building a community? Opinions of users Qualitative Questionnaire. Quarterly.

To improve services and accessibility

Are we using local suppliers and supporting local businesses? Their views and use Qualitative Questionnaire to those we use. Quarterly.

Data will enable us to evaluate.


These are the outcomes and benefits of providing The Queen Shack in the community.

Outcome Indicator of Achievement Method of Data Collection When/Who
Improved access to the space and use of Crèche How many families have used crèche?

How many families have received access to crèche funded by enterprise?

Quantitative Data Bi-annually
Feeling of support and community Views and opinions from shack users

Opinions of non-users

Access by Qualitative Questionnaire. Quarterly to users and non-users via social media connections.
Provide Safeguarding and good practice childcare Feedback from children

Feedback from parents

Verbal Feedback from children.

Verbal Feedback from parents.


To improve accessibility.

To improve care, activities and resources.

Supporting Local Authorities and Support Groups Is the facility used for support groups to meet?

Has our outreach provided contact for L/A and parents to meet?

Has the L/A contacted us with regards to supporting a family?

How many free crèche spaces have we provided?


Quantitative results


Qualitative results on feedback.

To bi-annual report.


Feedback and figures to be continually collected.



Questionnaire to be given after every use of a support group.

Impact Measurement

The table defines how we will connect with stakeholders.

Time Promotion Reporting
Monthly An event and activity newsletter will be sent to all facility members and subscribers informing them of the upcoming activities at The Queen Shack.


All verbal feedback, comment cards and quantitative data will be collected and updated for monthly statistics.


Quarterly A newsletter on data of community activities feedback and questions will be sent to all informing them of changes and information. Feedback to be requested from registered users/
Bi-annually Newsletter reporting feedback, use of facility and statistics in addition to community projects. To report statistics and feedback.


Report feedback and statistics.

Annually Impact Statement Yearly Report: All of above to be collated into an end of year report. To be made available online and hardcopy.

The Queen Shack Users:

  • Registered Families:       Registration required to use crèche facility.
  • Café users:                         Subscribed to newsletters via email.
  • Café users:                         Non-subscribed: seek feedback from notices/cards/verbal.
  • Local Suppliers:                Feedback via email with invoices or receipts.
  • Local Authority:                                Qualitative Questionnaire for facility use and recommendations.
  • Quantity of facility users by recommendations by L/A.
  • Meeting Room Users:    Quantity of Bookings.
  • Questionnaire for feedback and usage.


The Queen Shack continually strives to be involved in the community by providing a facility for local support groups and a hire room for businesses and family groups. Various networking activities will be arranged such as focus groups and coffee mornings to liaise and network with community members to improve services, receive feedback and provide support.

Aims of Impact Statement

The Annual Impact Statement will be produced and provided for stakeholders and will set out the following statements:

  • Evidence to how ‘Inputs’ have been delivered.
  • Feedback and evidence of ‘Outcomes’.
  • Provide evidence how the outcome have impacted the community, with what positive effects.
  • Ensure the document is clear and information is easily identifiable. All data will be relevant to Stakeholders.
  • Identify areas for growth with objectives how this will be achieved.


Why a Social Enterprise?

The following table has been applied with points taken from the publication: Social Enterprise (UK) (2011) Social Enterprise Explained: for beginners, wanderers and people with ideas, big and small. [Online] Accessed 25/03/2017. Available from: http://socialenterprise.org.uk/uploads/editor/files/Publications/Social_Enterprise_Explained.pdf

Social Enterprise UK The Queen Shack
“The passion often comes from trying to solve a problem that they understand personally; and the purpose comes from having a business idea that could solve that problem for others” (2011:9). My passion is in early year’s education and care. My purpose is to provide a facility for ALL families, specifically mums, to support their day-to-day survival in parenthood.

Many facilities such as the Children Centres, are dedicated towards families, primarily, those with low incomes and other social demographics will not seek to use its services. The Queen Shack is a Limited Company, trading the Crèche and Café whilst providing the centre for Local Authorities, Activity Groups and Support Networks. In addition a percentage of the profit will be used to provide the Crèche and Café facilities to families in the community requiring support and care.

“Setting up a social enterprise can not only give you the freedom and satisfaction of running your own business, but also the knowledge that you are changing the world for the better” (2011:9).


I have been unable to commit working for another business/organisation due to my personal circumstances. This in itself, can be solidary which is not beneficial when I support and networks are vital when parenting a child with additional needs. The centre will be flexible so I can have my son there in special circumstances and I will be able to work there all the hours I can, as opposed to being ‘defined’ by contracted hours.

The Queen Shack will be my saviour and the saviour for other parents in eh same or similar situations.

“Get support from specialists and from other social enterprises. The social enterprise movement is growing and bursting at the seams with people who are passionate about social enterprise and want to help new social enterprises to succeed” (2011:9). Starting a Social Enterprise means I can seek and receive support for any building, developing and managing queries. In addition, The Queen Shack seeks to promote and support other Social Enterprises in the area. This will be done through suppliers and users of the hire facility.
“Provide customers with extra reasons to buy from you – there is a growing awareness of social enterprise in the UK and around the world” (2011:9). All of our direct and indirect competitors are for-profit businesses and whist The Queen Shack is unusual in its facility, it also provides for the community. Users will be know how profits are regenerated into the community to provide support and care for other families and children.
“Join a movement for sustainable change – we believe it’s the way all business should

be done in the future – social enterprises are blazing a trail, changing the economy, the environment, and the life of our

Communities” (2011:9).

There is a growing number of articles and published research into how all businesses will be Social Enterprises in the future because customers are seeking to make changes to their activities, purchases and community for their children. I feel it is appropriate for The Queen Shack, as a community and family support facility to invest back into the children and families that use and support us.