The Queen behind The Queen Shack

This blog is my therapy and my vision. I write to identify and clarify my thinking, the dark and the light. I post, as an expression of my freedom and ability. I challenge myself to grow, become aware and develop as an individual, as a woman, as a mother, sister, daughter.

I have been an independent lady for many years and a solo parent for eleven years. The journey, the ups and downs and the positives and negatives have all lead to this blog, this site, this community. Embracing the strength, love and energies from the sisterhood and fellow like-minded individuals, this blog was started as an expression of my thinking – a therapy for my mind.

I am trained in education and in possession of a  large collection of early education books and journals. I aim to put these to use by writing about my experiences and knowledge to support everyone, but especially parents in my local area. I draw on my personal experience with children’s services and a personal battle to support my child’s mental and physical well-being and my experience with therapy and the wonderful support from Refugee and Woman’s Aid.

Parenting is tough, we need each other to make it through to the other side.

I battle my own demons, many of us do but we don’t talk and share as often as we should. This is my platform for me and I welcome anyone who wants to add an article.